Video of four police officers beating a young man has raised questions over policing in India.


The clip was filmed in the city of Panvel, in Raigad district, in western India’s Maharashtra State.


It shows a burly beige-uniformed officer grabbing a young lad by the hair and beating him on the torso with his hand.


His three colleagues stand and watch. The beating leaves the young man, identified as Samir Patil, 23, shirtless.


He was grabbed by the officers just outside a shopping centre and beaten as they forced him into their van.


Samir, the son of the leader of India’s Nationalist Congress Party, had earlier used a rod to attack a couple after their bike scraped his Santro car, it was alleged.


Police inspector Sunil Bajare said: "There was a minor collision between a Santro driven by Samir and the bike carrying Dinesh Naik and his wife Disha along with their nine-year-old daughter.


"The family had come from Mangaon to visit the mall. Samir and his minor accomplices got enraged and assaulted Naik and his wife using a rod kept inside the car.


"They also slapped his wife. Our team nabbed the accused and they are now in our custody."


There have been calls for action to be taken against the police officers for the way they apprehended their suspect.

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Author: Gabriel Zamfir

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