This is the crazy moment a man wearing only his underpants almost ended up trapped on an ice floe in a fast-flowing river.


The daredevil stripped off and jumped onto the ice floe to show off in the city of Pavlodar in north-eastern Kazakhstan's Pavlodar region.


He turned around in triumph after successfully jumping from rock to rock to make it onto the floating sheet of ice on the Irtysh River.


But when he tried to make his way back, he realised that the ice floe had already moved outside of his jumping range to reach dry land.


In the end the chilly adventurer had no choice but to jump into the freezing water and then swim and wade his way back to the riverbank.


The man's friends filmed the entire stunt on a smartphone and the footage is proving popular with viewers after being uploaded to video-sharing websites.


Netizen ‘Kitayskiy’ commmented: "The things that people do for likes on social media. People turn into morons."


And ‘Ara’ added: "If I was a rescuer and I had to save a guy like him, I would probably say no as you could easily die because of his stupidity."


The man's stunt was criticised by the local emergency services who were concerned that other young men might try to copy it.


Spokesman Vladimir Vlasov, said: "We are outraged by this case. People are not allowed to behave like this. This man put his life at risk.


"We ask residents to follow security advice and avoid stepping out onto the ice. We ask everybody to remain extremely cautious."

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