A man's romantic bid to abseil down the outside of a building in a Spiderman costume to surprise his girlfriend backfired - when he got the wrong window.

The man descended to what he thought was his girlfriend's flat clutching a bouquet of red roses only to find he had miscalculated.


He had instead knocked on the office window of a company based in the same building in the city of Yakutsk in north-eastern Russia's Sakha Republic.


And while the romantic superhero, whose name is not known, was clearly disappointed, he made the day of the office workers.


They were delighted to find they had a real live Spiderman at the window and took turns taking selfie photos and video clips with him.


A clip taken by one of the employees shows the Spiderman asking if there was a girl called "Liza" inside the room.


He had no luck finding Liza but he did get a lot of questions and comments from the people inside.


It is not known whether the Spiderman ever made it to his girlfriend's flat but it is clear that his romantic mission did not go entirely to plan.


A hilarious video of him arriving at the wrong window is proving popular on social media.


Viewers speculated that he was hoping to emulate the famous kiss between Tobey Maguire and Kirsten Dunst in the first Spider-Man movie.


Netizen ‘Ivan Ivanich’ said: "Thank God there are still some real guys out there", but ‘Maria Vorobtsova’ added: "It's very romantic, but very risky."

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