The shocking deaths of helpless dogs left to burn alive in a car has infuriated animal lovers who had to watch on powerless to help them.


The sickening scene - filmed on a smartphone in the city of Umm al-Fahm, Haifa District, northern Israel - shows a blazing abandoned car.


But the haunting soundtrack is made up of the terrified howls and yelps of the dogs being roasted alive inside the vehicle.


Their bodies were so badly burned that local media has been unable to say just how many dogs were in the car.


A fire crew and town hall workers came to the site and put out the fire, but were unable to save the dogs.


Angry residents condemned the slaughter.


One - Rami Mahamid - told local media: "The people who did this are not human. These dogs were better than they are."


He added: "It’s a shocking act, and it’s hard for us to digest it. The police have to find the people who burnt the dogs and punish them. They need to be in jail."


Another local added: "It’s no different from the murder of a person. I think that such people are mentally ill and don’t deserve to be among people.


"They’re capable of more serious things."


Animal charity founder Eli Altman called on government officials to crack down on the "scum" who carry out animal abuse.


Altman - who created Let the Animals Live care group - said: "Every possible line has been crossed."


She added: "I implore the public - watch the video, listen to the whines and cries of the poor dogs that are being burnt alive, and you will understand how animals are treated in Israel.


"There is no red line for human evil. For 30 years we have been asking, day after day, just let the animals live.


"And look, the scum of the human race is burning dogs for fun.


"I call on Minister of Public Security Gilad Erdan, who has been a partner for years in the struggle for animals, to make this a test case.


"Give the police explicit instructions to find the culprits, no matter what is required.


"I want to look them in the eyes, and I want to see them stand trial and sit in jail for years, so that they will see and be seen."


An Israel Police spokesman said: "The video is shocking. We have opened an investigation to locate the perpetrators to bring them to justice."

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Author: Gabriel Zamfir

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