This is the horrific moment a six-year-old girl almost lost her foot after getting it stuck in an escalator at a shopping centre.


The shocking incident was captured on CCTV security cameras at the Aura shopping centre in the city of Yaroslavl in western Russia's Yaroslavl Oblast region.


The video footage shows the little girl, named only as Leila, stepping on a downwards escalator with her mother.


But about a quarter of the way down, the youngster starts in pain and from the frantic reaction of her mother it is clear that her foot has got caught in the elevator.


As Leila apparently screams in pain, passersby run to help from both the top of the escalator and from the adjacent one going in the other direction.


A security guard rushes to the bottom of the escalator to push the emergency button to stop the moving stairway just as she is finally pulled free.


Leila suffered serious injuries and needed an operation and weeks of physiotherapy before she regained the full use of her foot.


Her family want compensation for Leila and are threatening to take the shopping centre to court.


The accident happened last October but the clip has only just been uploaded to video-sharing websites.


Netizen ‘Vova’ said: "It's not the first time that bad things have happened in this mall. There's something seriously wrong with it."


But ‘lilly’ argued: "How is this possible? How was she standing to get her foot trapped? Crazy. Her family should have taught her better."

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