Villagers stripped an entire grocery lorry of its food cargo when it overturned on a road and they apparently ignored the seriously injured driver.


Astonishingly - reports local media in Madadeni, in KwaZulu-Natal, eastern South Africa - they are believed to have left the stricken trucker in his cab while they looted his load.


A smartphone video of the daylight robbery shows a crowd with an almost party atmosphere as they whoop and cheer at their luck.


Time after time they are seen in the clip - now watched by thousands on social media - returning to the lorry and staggering away with crate after crate of groceries.


Local media reports that the lorry had been carrying a load of milk, yoghurt and fruit juice when the driver lost control and his vehicle overturned.


After it overturned, passersby informed friends and they helped themselves to scattered crates.


The shed load soon came to the attention of Madadeni township residents who swarmed over the crippled lorry too.


The driver of the Orange Grove dairy delivery truck sustained serious injuries and was taken to Madadeni Provincial Hospital in KwaZulu-Natal.


Not all social media users supported the looting.


One - named as 'Pieter Du Plessis' - said: "'Steal' is the word you were looking for."


But another - identified as 'Helena Guderian’ - said: "Hard times Pieter.. can you blame the people? The hunting season is open to all, after the King off course!!"

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Author: Gabriel Zamfir

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