A woman was chased and shot dead inside a police station when she ran there for help after being brutally beaten on the streets outside.


The unnamed woman was gunned down after she raced to the police hub to scream for help as she was chased by her armed attacker.


The horrific incident happened in the station based in the city of Mainpuri, in Uttar Pradesh State, Northern India this week, with the video of the lead up to the murder since making its way online.


It is claimed the woman was involved in a row with a neighbour over a land dispute and both of their families became embroiled in a mass fight on the streets.


Footage before the horror shooting has shown the man beating the female victim as others surround them with screams heard in the background.


It is then alleged she got away form him and he started chasing her before shooting at her, killing her as she entered the station.


He then tried to run away from the scene but was stopped by a crowd of people, believed to be her family, who had spotted the tragic incident. The killer was beaten by the mob before police managed to intervene.


Officers say 11 people, including the alleged killer, have been arrested. Police said they were unable to get to the woman to save her in time.


It is claimed the row had escalated badly and related to an area of land located near to the police station in a crowded market area.


Two families were at war over the land, with officers saying a street fight had erupted just moments before the fatal shooting.


The female victim had been rowing with the man as part of the mass argument then spotted he had a gun and ran away, heading to the police station for help from officers.


He pursued her and followed her into the station, shooting her at point blank range.


Officers say they are investigating the case and the incident is ongoing.

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