Video shows how a heartless prankster used a drone to terrify a homeless and possibly mentally ill man.


The clip was shot by the drone’s camera in the city of Murmansk in north-western Russia's Murmansk Oblast region.


It shows a shabbily dressed man looking up in apparent disbelief at the camera drone.


He runs away and takes cover between two parked cars but the strange object follows him and hovers above him menacingly.


Hoping to frighten it off, he mimes shooting a rifle and throwing a grenade. When that fails to deter his aerial pursuer, he runs off again, pausing to try another mimed rifle shot.


The chase only ends when the man, who looks to be in his sixties or seventies, stoops to pick up a rock to throw at the drone.


The video shows the aerial robot quickly gaining height to get out of range.


Set to music and uploaded to the internet by the drone pilot ‘Andrey Ganichev’, the footage proved a hit with online viewers.


Netizen ‘BENZCLUB’ said: "Even a Russian hobo is ready to fight the evil. I love how he shoots at the drone. If it was me instead of the drone, I would surrender right away."


And ‘Tororo toto’ added: "OMG, I can’t stop watching it. It is the fifth time already."


‘Renat Safin’ noted: "It is ungodly to laugh at sick people."


‘Andrey Denisov’ commented: "This vid should be called: Unsuccessful attempt to kidnap a human from planet Earth."

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