A helpful passer-by who tried to fix a pedestrian crossing light ended up smashing it to smithereens by accident in this hilarious footage.


Dashcam footage from the city of Kemerovo in south-central Russia's Kemerovo Oblast region shows a man crossing the road in front of the camera car.


He notices that the pedestrian crossing light is flickering defectively and decides that he will try to fix it.


Picking up a stick that he finds on the floor, he pokes at the cable above his head in an effort to fix a loose electrical connection.


His efforts seem at first to be successful, as the display stabilises to a red figure and a countdown in seconds.


Unfortunately, his attentions have also destabilised the pole, which must have been already damaged.


It sways and then topples to the road, smashing to bits spectacularly just in front of the dashcam car.


The helpful pedestrian, whose name was not revealed, had already turned away, satisfied with his good deed.


When the pole crashes down, he turns around in shock and looks mortified at what he has done, just standing there rooted to the spot.


The clip ends with him still standing there in shock.


It is reported that the traffic light was fixed the next day.


‘Maksim Maks’ commented on the video: "I hope he won’t get a huge bill from the state. He would have been better off not to touch it at all."

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