A kind-hearted motorist's bid to help an elderly pedestrian backfired when he forgot to engage his handbrake and his car ended up knocking her over.


The unfortunate incident was captured on the dashcam of a vehicle waiting for the woman to use a zebra crossing in the town of Kuressaare on Saaremaa island in western Estonia.


The video footage shows the would-be Good Samaritan jumping out of his car to help the elderly woman who is making her way over the crossing painfully slowly on crutches.


The woman waves one of her crutches at the car to point out that it is starting to roll slowly forward but the man does not realise until it is too late.


As the car rolls towards them both, he tries to stop it with his own body but is knocked back into the disabled pensioner, who falls over backwards in the road.


Fortunately, he manages to stop the car before it runs the woman over and then he and other passers-by rush to help her back to her feet.


They called an ambulance which quickly arrived on the scene, where paramedics diagnosed her with nothing worse than a few minor grazes.


The clip is proving popular with viewers after being uploaded to video-sharing websites.


Netizen ‘Khafa’ said: "He tried to do his best, he even turned on his blinkers to warn other drivers that his car was there. Give the guy some credit."


And ‘Butters Scotch’ joked: "Sometimes, it's more important to get involved than to succeed."


None of the people involved were named in reports.


Kuressaare, which is famous for its castle, is the capital of Saare County and the westernmost town in Estonia.

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