A supercar driver died when he crashed his luxury Maserati into a pole at speed and it exploded in a fiery blaze.


The tragic incident happened at the Rostovskaya embankment in the capital city of Moscow in western Russia and was captured on nearby CCTV cameras.


The snowy scene is seen in the footage before the fancy car comes roaring into view at eye-watering speed.


The driver has clearly lost control and rams into the pole and the car bursts into flames.


Emergency services were called to the scene and police and paramedics arrived shortly afterwards.


But it was sadly too late, with the driver dying in the blaze.


Officers are believed to be looking into the possibility that the driver lost control as a result of wet and slippery roads.


The driver has been identified as a 26-year-old named Artur M., the son of an influential businessman known as Andzhian M. who co-owns a large store that trades in built-in kitchen appliances.


Shocked netizens lined up to speak about the tragedy after the footage was released online.


One, named ‘Vladimir Ivanov’ said: "I am really glad that none of the passers-by got affected by it" while another, going by the name ‘Valeriy Krasniy’ added: "True, it could have been a person or two instead of a light pole."

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