A group of young men enjoying a day out in the countryside had a nasty shock when one of them was bitten by a jackal.


The trio had ventured out into the Catalca district, west of Turkey's biggest city of Istanbul, for a nature walk when the wild animal approached them.


Two of the young men were unloading bags from the boot of their car when the golden jackal (Canis aureus) walked up to them.


The third, who was filming the jackal on his smartphone, shouted a warning to his friends to be careful.


"Don’t touch it. It's not a dog. It is looking for food, it will have your hand," he said.


But one young man ignored him, crouching down in front of the wild animal, saying: "Come here, boy", and holding his hand above it, as if teasing a puppy.


The jackal had a sniff but quickly realised that the man had nothing in his hand and moved on to his companion.


And as the man continued sorting out the contents of the boot of his car, the jackal nipped him on the back of the leg.


Startled, the man kicked out at the animal which ran off until it was a safe distance away.


The cameraman later shared the clip on social media and video-sharing websites and issued a warning to other nature lovers.


He wrote: "Dear friends camping in nature, never feed the wild animals and stay away from these kind of animals.


"They don’t approach you like dogs or cats to be loved and for food but rather they see you directly as a food.


"I shot the video but my friends didn’t listen to my warnings.


"Luckily our friend survived the attack with torn pants and a small scratch. But he needed a vaccination. Please be careful."


Despite its name, the golden jackal is more closely related to grey wolves, coyotes and Ethiopian wolves than other jackals.


Many people in Istanbul visit Catalca at weekends to hike in the forests or have picnics.

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