Good Samaritans stepped up to save a poor pooch who was set to die in icy conditions after getting stuck on an ice floe.


The dog was left unable to get back to dry land - stranded on a block of ice in the middle of what appears to be a lake.


The rescuers got into a dinghy and went out to rescue the long-eared black dog.


The incident happened on an ice floe in Siberia, in the middle of the Ob river in central Russia’s Novosibirsk Oblast region.


The dog, believed to be a stray, can be seen pacing up and down the ice floe as it tries to find a way to get itself out of the situation.


But it is a lost cause and he needs help from the kind-hearted hunters.


The small group can be seen holding out their hands to gain the dog's trust as he walks up and down, clearly frightened.


It is reported the group were on their way back from a hunt, when they saw the pooch in need and decided to do all they could to help it out.


One of the kind-hearted hunters can be seen eventually grabbing hold of the pooch and getting it into the boat.


One of the hunters, Evgeniy Zabelin, said: "We made a decision to save it no matter what."


The rescuers can be heard saying: "Let’s go home. Let’s go home, my dear. Good dog, come with us. Come here."


The dog eventually reacted to the man’s command and moved towards them.


The rescuers say the dog abandoned them as soon as he was back on dry land.


Netizen ‘Igor Zhukov’ said: "Well done, guys."


And ‘Sergey Sergeev’ added: "Thank God, the dog is rescued."

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