CCTV shows a young couple and their child escape death by inches as an out-of-control truck zooms past them.


The near miss, recorded on CCTV in Tlaxcala, central Mexico, shows a moped rider waiting at the side of a street with a young girl perched on the fuel tank.


As they wait, a woman walks up to them and kisses the man.


Unknown to any of them, a pick-up truck loaded with fruit and veg is skidding out of control straight towards them.


The footage shows the truck being rear-ended by another vehicle and careering helplessly towards the family.


A frantic wrench on the steering wheel by the driver manages to veer the truck away from the innocent trio at the last tenth of a second, at the cost of the vehicle’s stability as it immediately overturns.


The dad and daughter apparently only notice the truck when it has crashed to a halt on its side next to them, though Mum sees it coming a second before and dodges around the other side of the moped.


Then the woman is seen snatching the girl from the moped and running away in fright while the man follows them on the bike.


Local media report that police and emergency services rescued the driver from his truck.


There were no reports of injuries and no one involved was named.

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Author: Martina Salas

I am a journalist focus in human interest stories from Spain and Latin America.
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