A shopper who walked into a computer store with a suitcase containing a chicken and two geese shocked shoppers when the rooster escaped and he chased after it around the shop.


The bizarre sight was caught on CCTV at the shop in the city of Omsk in south-central Russia's Omsk Oblast region.


Footage shows the man kneeling down in front of the old-fashioned suitcase as a rooster hops out.


He then begins chasing after the bird as it starts to flap around the store.


The unidentified man finally catches the chicken and carries it back to his bag.


At which point the two geese hop out and go for a gander around the IT shop.


Staff and shoppers watched on in bemusement as he struggled to get his animals back into the case.


The strange scene was compared to something out Harry Potter spin-off film Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them. Newton Scamander, the main character, carries a suitcase in which he hides a number of creatures which escape.


Newt, who is played by Eddie Redmayne, then has to try and recapture his creatures.


Netizens were quick to draw this comparison after the shop CCTV footage was posted online.


One Netizen called ‘Elmir qulieyev’ said: "Next thing this man will repeat is a scene from Harry Potter and Deathly Hallows."


While another named ‘Aleksey Kremikov’ added: "This guy is a very interesting man."

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