This is the moment a pervert puts his hand down a female passenger’s top as she is apparently napping but she is actually recording him.


The video of the harassment was recorded by the victim who was on board of a bus travelling from the province of Guanacaste, north-western Costa Rica, to the city of San Jose, the capital.


It shows the woman, whose name was not released, sitting in her seat, with a man’s hand from the seat behind her seen touching her shoulder and almost her breast.


She is seen pretending to be sleeping so that she can record her abuser, and after a few seconds recording him, she grabs his hand and stands up, facing him and trying to pull his sunglasses off.


The man is seen looking at her, mumbling "sorry", but the woman can be heard to say "yes, sure, sure", while moving away and to the front of the bus, presumably to speak to the driver.


The woman posted the video online with the message: "The passenger behind me tried to touch me repeatedly, and therefore I decided to record a video and showed it to the person in charge of the bus. The only thing they told me is that I should change my seat. I cannot sleep quietly on a six-hour trip. It is incredible that we should get used to this kind of harassment and that this would be so common that nobody did anything. I ask you to help me to identify this person so that I can report the case to authorities, thanks."


It is unknown if she finally reported the case to the authorities.


The case caused outrage among netizens, such as ‘Anita J. Guz’ who criticised the behaviour of the bus driver, saying: "Obviously the driver should have stopped the bus at the first police station. What a bad thing for the bus company, called Alfaro, for the bad way they protect their users."


And other netizens commented on why she did not stop him as soon as possible, like ‘Michael Acosta’ who said: "And why did she let him do that and did not stop him with a strong slap… I do not understand… and the company Alfaro is his accomplice".


Netizen ‘Cindy Alvarado’ said "it was the best thing she could do, not because she liked to be touched, but because with only words she would never have been believed. It was a difficult moment for her. I wish justice to be done."

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