A criminal gang hired a helicopter to drop hundreds of papers messages from the skies above a festival.


Cartel members are believed to have used the chopper to issue a warning to guests at the International Horse festival.


A video shows clouds of paper streaming out behind the helicopter as it flies over festival in the city of Texcoco, in the central Mexican state of Mexico.


Festival goers can be seen scrambling to pick up the scraps from the ground to read the message.


The message wished them a "happy festival" and said there would be "no more blackmails and kidnappings" in the city.


But ominously the little bits of paper also warned that the gang’s rivals had "crossed the line".


The messages were dropped by a gang called ‘La Familia Unida’ - The United Family.


Police are now investigating the gang which, until now, was unknown in the city, according to reports.


They are attempting to establish whether they have links to other cartels operating in the state of Mexico.


The state of Mexico is considered to be the second most dangerous in the country.


There are said to be around eight different cartels competing for control in the region.


The use of a helicopter to drop messages is an innovative new method for a criminal gang.


Cartels more commonly use social networking websites or hang giant sheets from bridges and buildings.


A company whose logo was branded on the helicopter, which was rented out for the occasion, have reportedly ended their sponsorship deal because of the incident.

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