A cruel teenager drowned an innocent kitten for her online fans in a bid to get as many 'likes' as possible.


The girl, named only as Alina K., posted the horrific video online of her killing the poor kitten by drowning it.


The incident is believed to have happened in the town of Troitsk just outside the Russian capital city of Moscow in western Russia's Moscow Oblast region, where the young girl lives.


Alina K. went to a pond together with a little kitten and a plastic bag before carrying out the sickening stunt.


Footage shows the disturbed teenager putting the creature inside the bag before throwing it into the water.


During the video the girl confessed that the kitten was not even hers. She says the original owner had told her she was planning on drowning the kitten, so she decided to "help her out a little bit" and do the job for her.


She made the video live then came back online later where she said she hoped her 'fans' had liked the stunt, claiming that she only did it in order to increase popularity of her blog.


The original kitten owner, who has not been named, has since spoken out in horror over the incident.


She said: "When our cat gave birth to kittens we made an advertisement that we will give them away. And this girl Alina was one of the people, who reacted to the advertisement. I would have never thought she might do anything like that, she looks so cute."


Netizens have since lined up to rubbish Alina's claims that the drowning was 'staged', saying they believe the kitten was indeed drowned and now the teen is trying to cover it up.


One, named ‘Svetlana Nikolaeva’ said: "Such people are called moral monsters" while another, named ‘Natalia Kuznetsova’ added: "I hope she will get a criminal case for torture."


Later another video was released, where Alina confessed that she has killed a number of cats.


She said the first victim was her pet cat which would "pee everywhere" and which her mum was allergic to.


The teen said: "It was peeing all over the house, and my mother had severe allergies - she would walk around with her face red, red and constantly teary eyes. I thought that enough is enough and we can no longer suffer through that… Later I told that the cat has simply disappeared."


It is not known if the police are investigating the videos.

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