CCTV cameras in a lift captured the disturbing moment a man robbed an elderly woman at knifepoint.


The incident took place in a block of flats in Russian capital Moscow.


The CCTV images show an elderly woman in a long coat and hat enter the lift, followed in by a man in a black leather jacket.


The woman can be seen asking then man something and pointing at the buttons, before she presses one and the lift doors close.


It is at this point that the man allegedly took out a knife and calmly asked the OAP to give him all the money she had.


The woman did not put up any resistance and just as calmly can be seen taking out her purse and handing over a handful of cash.


The woman talks to the man as the lift continues to rise and the pair almost look like neighbours chatting.


The man even puts his hand on the woman’s shoulder before she gets out.


The man then presses the bottom floor button again and travels back down, counting his stolen haul of 3,000 RUB (42 GBP).


Based on the CCTV images, police managed to track down the culprit, a 38-year-old man whose name has not been disclosed. He was reportedly visiting the Russian capital for a short period.


His legal status was not reported.


There is no information about whether the OAP, who has not been named either, got her money back.


Social media users have expressed both outrage at the robbing of an old woman and surprise at her calmness.


One user wrote: "Unbelievable how this guy acts. How dare he rob a woman who barely has any income to survive."


Another said: "This woman is unbelievable. She stayed so calm, I wonder if she even told her family about the incident. Poor thing, I hope this stressful moment did not affect her health."

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