A king cobra was found hiding in a family’s fridge after crawling inside to stay cool in the blistering heat.


A little girl opened the fridge to get some water and discovered the four foot long snake chilling out inside.


A video shows a snake handler removing the cool customer from the fridge in a town called Sircilla in the state of Telangana, South India.


Footage shows the snake being yanked out of the fridge by his tail before writhing around on the floor of the family home.


The clip shows the snake handler eventually managing to stuff the reptile into a bag.


Shocked locals watched on as the snake was removed from the family home and released back into the wild.


The clip was later posted online, prompting Indians to think twice before reaching into the fridge without looking.


Snake experts explain how snakes can go looking for cooler places during the summer.


A spokesman for Friends of Snakes Society said: "During summers, snakes usually take shelter in drains or manholes to keep themselves cool.


"If they stay in a hot place, which is more than 38 degree Celsius, for too long, they might even end up dying."


Recently a parched cobra was seen drinking water from a bottle in Karnataka, a state in the south western region of India.


While last week, shoppers were stunned to find a 12 foot python in the freezer section of a departmental store in Cape Town, South Africa.


Snake experts have questioned whether the King Cobra seen in Sircilla may actually have been a harmless rat snake.

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