A police squad caught two armed thieves in the act of robbing a pharmacy.


Captured on security cameras in the coastal city of Chimbote in Peru, the pair entered the pharmacy, a branch of the Inkafarma chain, at around 7.30pm.


One brandished a 38mm handgun and they both wore surgical gloves to prevent leaving fingerprints at the scene.


The thieves intimidated the employees and then locked them in the toilet moments before the armed police unit stormed the shop.


The two suspects have been named as Cristian Melanio Chang Ravello, 24, and Erick Japhet Sarmiento Gonzales, 18, believed to be part of the criminal organisation Los Botiqueros de Chimbote.


One of them has been accused of threatening the police with his gun before surrendering the weapon and allowing officers to detain him.


Cristian and Erick were in the process of stealing the cash register’s takings for the day when members of the Complex Crime Investigation Division swooped, carrying assault rifles and wearing bulletproof vests.


The robbers were quickly disarmed and taken to the headquarters of the Division of Criminal Investigation and Justice Support.


The 38mm pistol they had in their possession had no serial number and it was found to be fully loaded.


Security cameras inside the Inkafarma pharmacy on the Avenue Enrique Meigs in the city of Chimbote recorded the entire event.


It was not clear how the officers knew about the raid.

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Author: Lee Bullen

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