This is the terrifying moment a massive landslide blocked a road as motorists looked on from their vehicles only feet away.


The spectacular incident was caught on camera by eyewitnesses in the Andes mountains in the central Ecuadorian province of Bolivar.


The footage shows hundreds of tonnes of earth and rocks falling down a steep slope onto the road linking the regional capital city of Guaranda and the town of Echeandia.


Hundreds of car and lorry drivers had their journeys disrupted as the landslide caused the closure of the road.


But, fortunately, no vehicles were on the stretch of road hit by the landslide at the time and nobody was injured.


Motorists had been waiting patiently for a small amount of stones and mud to be removed from the road after a smaller landslide.


But, as they watched, part of the cliff gave way and came crashing down on the road as startled eyewitnesses ran for cover.


They can be heard on the video footage shouting warnings to other motorists, telling them to stay back.


One eyewitness, who gave his name as Abedrabbo, said: "Some road cleaning works were being done in the area when it happened.


"At the top of the mountain we could see a crack that might have caused the landslide."


Police later issued a warning to motorists, telling them the road would be blocked for some time and to take other routes.


Officials are monitoring the state of the cliffs above the road to assess the likelihood of further landslides.


Ecuador has been suffering heavy rains that have caused landslides in a number of parts of the country.


The National Meteorology Institute is predicting that the wet weather will continue into May.


So far, 27 people have died as a result of the rains and 2,217 have been evacuated from their homes. A total of 164 houses have been destroyed and another 28,886 damaged.

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