A brave shop girl fought back against an armed robber, chucking a lamp at his head.


The supermarket checkout assistant beat off the gun wielding thief, chasing him from the store.


A video shows the fearless sales woman throwing anything she can find at the attacker until he leaves the store.


Neitzens were amazed by her heroic actions at the supermarket in the city of Orsk in south-central Russia's Orenburg Oblast region.


One netizen called ‘pechina’ said: "What a tough woman. I wish men could follow her example of bravery."


The thief, a tall skinny man in a turquoise jacket, was caught on camera entering the shop brandishing a pistol.


In the clip, the small, brown haired worker appears to be visibly frightened by the raider.


But she is not prepared to surrender even when he comes around the till and begins to threaten her.


She goes on the offensive, launching a stunning counter attack against the robber.


The man moved on the other side of the counter threatening the woman but the woman decided to go on offensive.


She begins throwing things at the thief, ignoring his weapon as she pushes him out of the shop.


He returns a second time, at which point she starts throwing lamps at him and he eventually leaves.


Earlier that same night, he successfully robbed another grocery store in the area, stealing 17,000 RUB (240 GBP) from a less resistant shop assistant.


The video was later posted online, and local police are now looking for the robber.


Netizen ‘pole lutoje’ added: "This guy… two robberies in one day. He is the one who is desperate."

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