Chilean volcano Chillan has registered a new episode of activity and an eruption has launched a plume of ash over 3,280 feet high into the sky.


Authorities watched the volcano closely after this recent activity saw a plume of ash rise over 1,000 metres into the sky and the Geology and Mineral National Service said that there had been a yellow alert over the volcano since 31st December 2015.


People are not allowed to go into the area, where there are three volcanoes, that are located 3,216 metres (10,551.18 feet) above sea level near the city of Chillan, in the central Chilean region of Bio Bio, 470 kilometres (292 miles) south of Santiago de Chile, the Chilean capital. The last recorded eruption of this volcano was in 1973.


The volcano of Chillan, also known by the name of "Nevado" volcano (Snow volcano) is located in the Andes and has registered 10 eruptions since the 19th century.


Authorities said that the latest activity has been accompanied by dozens of earthquakes, most of them not felt by citizens.


According to the Service, in Chile there are more than 2,000 volcanoes, 125 of them are considered geologically active and almost 60 have had some kind of eruption activity in the last 450 years.

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