This is the shocking moment fishermen remove a shark’s beating heart while it is still alive.


Fishermen of the village of La Villa Pesquera, in the municipality of Catano, northern coast of Puerto Rico, got surprised after fishing this giant shark weighing 700 pounds.


The video, that went viral and caused outrage among netizens, shows the shark being dragged to the seashore of this Puerto Rican village. A man can be heard saying: "Is it still alive? It is opening the mouth" while a man wearing a red swimsuit is seen using a knife to cut it open.


Another man approaches the shark and with a finger he touches it and says: "It is still alive, look it is opening its mouth" before quickly removing his hand.


"Open its mouth", said a man in the background, and the man who was seen previously approaching him attempted to do it, while another man is cutting the body.


Then, footage of the still moving heart is seen on the sand and the man in the background can be heard saying "look at the heart, it is still moving".


According to local media, netizens criticised the hunt of this shark especially in the way the animal was killed. Netizen ‘Garilee Ruiz’ wrote: "It is agonising, out of the water, and the other one does not care, he stabs it" and ‘Kelly Ann Velez’ said: "abusers".


However, other netizens defended the behaviour of the fishermen, such as ‘Juan Antonio Andino Rodriguez’ who said: "Fishermen also have the right to eat."


It is unclear exactly what kind of shark it was.

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