This is the incredible moment a female makeup artist transforms herself into Bryan Cranston's Walter White character from the hit TV series Breaking Bad.


Irina Ustyzhanina, from the city of Tyumen in south-central Russia’s Tyumen Oblast region, has had no formal training and is largely self-taught.


She hopes her spectacular video demonstration of her undoubted talents will help her fulfil her ambition of landing a job in the movie industry.


The clip shows her slowly changing her appearance from that of a pretty young brunette into White's menacing 'Heisenberg' alter ego, as her confused pet cat looks on.


Ms Ustyzhanina has also been caught on camera as Marlon Brando's Don Corleone, from The Godfather, Sylvester Stallone, Arnold Schwarzenegger and Hugh Laurie in his role in the House TV series.


Ms Ustyzhanina does not have a formal education and developed her skills through online courses and video tutorials.


She said: "I have always been painting, right from early childhood. I got a job when I left school but realised I wanted to do something more creative.


"It started with photoshoots, using aqua makeup, glitter and unusual cosmetic products. But still I wanted something more, something more complicated."


She said that she had always been impressed by the way makeup was used in movies and decided to develop her skills in that field.


"Unlike ordinary makeup that is aimed at enhancing beauty without changing one's look, movie makeup changes one's face completely," she said.


However, she says that she cannot make any money out of her talents in her home town - except at Halloween - and decided to post videos showing off her skills online.


Impressed viewer ‘ADV military’ commented: "That is a piece of art!", while ‘Daniyar Kutumov’ added: "Nicely done. You deserve a lot of respect."

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