A footballer in Argentina has scored one of the most bizarre own-goals of the season by putting the ball into his own net with his back.


Belgrano defender Cristian Romero was the unlucky culprit, who suffered the moment to forget as his side trailed Banfield 1-0.


The own-goal came about as Banfield forward Brian Sarmiento hoisted a cross into the box with six minutes remaining in the first-half.


Watching the ball as it came into the area, Romero tried to get out of the way as his goalkeeper came out to claim the ball.


But to his horror, Romero only proceeded to turn the ball into his own net after turning his back on the cross.


The Belgrano players were left bewildered by their defender’s error, while Banfield too were left equally dumbfounded as they went on to win 2-0.


It all took place in the Florencio Sola stadium, located in the city of Banfield, in the eastern Argentine province of Buenos Aires.


Banfield are now sixth in the league on 33 points.

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Author: Martina Salas

I am a journalist focus in human interest stories from Spain and Latin America.
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