At an astonishing 8,000 GBP you would think that what may well be the world's most expensive burger from mega rich Dubai might at least come with some onion rings.


But punters at the luxury Galeries Lafayette department store were happy to cough up for the king-sized snack at an auction to raise funds to fight breast cancer.


The burger's auction made up a third of the 24,000 GBP raised at the daylong Pink Caravan’s Pink Bite.


Dubbed the 'Seven Emirates Burgerstack’, it was created by chef Russell Impiazzi with seven beef patties, aged cheddar cheese, and veal bacon.


They were served in a saffron brioche bun with seven different spices and Harissa sauce.


A milkshake and a tiny portion of fries made up the ultimate takeaway.


Other burgers were cooked up by celebrity chefs and local VIPs to help raise funds when they went under the hammer.


Organiser Reem BinKaram said: "I am happy so many people got together and had such a good time, raising a significant amount of money, which will fuel Pink Caravan’s efforts to raise awareness about early detection of breast cancer."


Sheikh Mohammed bin Abdullah Al Thani, Chairman of the Department of Statistics and Community Development, added: "I am so proud of the charitable spirit of the people here in the UAE."

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Author: Gabriel Zamfir