This is the horrific moment a woman was caught on camera ending her own life by jumping in front of a commuter train.


Shocking footage shows the woman as she jumps down onto the tracks as the train pulls into the station as a packed platform of people wait to get on.


The incident happened in the train station in Indios Verdea in Mexico City, Mexico and was caught on CCTV cameras.


Footage shows a huge number of people trying to get to work, standing on the platform as they wait for their train to pull in.


As the train appears, it is slowly pulling in to come to a stop to allow passengers on.


But before it can come to a halt, the woman hops down onto the tracks with police saying they believe she meant to commit suicide.


Other passengers then back away from the incident.


Emergency services were called to the station but it was too late to do anything to save her. Specialist teams were then called in to remove her body.


The Metro Company made the sad announcement through Twitter about the incident, and then notified passengers when the line was reopened and ready to be used again.


The lady who died has not yet been named.

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Author: Martina Salas

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