Witness videos capture extraordinary scenes as a river bursts its banks, flooding the streets of Peruvian capital Lima.


The first shows an almost dry river bed that is suddenly filled with gushing brown water as the flood begins. A raft of debris is carried on its leading edge and the river is quickly filled, brushing the underside of a bridge that seconds before had been several feet clear.


Another video picks up the story, filmed from an enviable position high in a tower block as the street below is engulfed by the rushing brown waters.


Police are out in force and the air is full of sirens as officers try to usher citizens to safety. In one video, motorcycle officers ride at low speed in front of the advancing flood with sirens and lights on to warn people of the danger.


It was the river Huaycoloro that is seen overflowing throughout the district of San Juan de Lurigancho in Lima.


Some areas were gridlocked with traffic and the clean water supply was cut off. The flood caused damage including a broken bridge.


There were reports that some residents risked their lives by jumping over the broken portion of the bridge but no reports of casualties.


Police cordoned off some submerged streets and houses were also flooded.

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Author: Martina Salas

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