A Russian political leader dubbed Moscow's Donald Trump is facing an investigation for alleged hate crimes after he pledged to shoot his parliamentary opponents.


Loud mouthed presidential hopeful Vladimir Zhirinovsky - who leads the Liberal Democratic Party - delivered the threat to United Russia party deputies in an anti corruption rant.


He said: "In March next year, I will drive into the Kremlin and shoot and hang you, you scoundrels!"


The threat earned Zhirinovsky an instant rebuke from the Duma's vice-speaker Sergei Neverov, secretary of Vladimir Putin’s United Russia.


He called for an ethics commission to look into the threat, saying all deputies are "innocent until proven guilty."


Neverov added: "All political speeches can be emotional, but should not be abusive.


"The electorate has decided who will represent them in the Duma and I want to say this - gentlemen, some of you are lawyers, please respect our constitution and presumption of innocence.


"Only a court can decide who is a criminal, but here we are hearing about shootings."


The reprimand triggered an angry Duma walkout by Zhirinovsky and his party.


The fiercely nationalist political leader is said to be Russia's version of the USA's President Trump and is known for his provocative speeches.


He plans to stand for president in elections next year, the sixth time the 70-year-old leader will try to become Russia's leader.