A tropical storm caused mayhem at a beach resort where security cameras captured footage of beach furniture being thrown about like toys.


The storm brought freak weather conditions, including a series of water spouts, to the resort town of Pinamar in the eastern Argentine province of Buenos Aires.


Tables and chairs were caught on camera being thrown about and destroyed by winds of up to 117 kph (73 mph) while other footage shows fishing boats struggling to make headway in the storm.


One of the owners of the local Riviera Beach, who gave his name only as Rodrigo, said about 50 tents and most of the chairs and tables on the beach were destroyed in just 60 seconds.


Rodrigo said: "The lifeguard warned us about the storm so we decided to stack everything and make it secure but the winds started before we could finish the job."


He said the winds picked up the beach furniture into the air, smashing it into parked cars and other objects. Some even ended up on the roofs of nearby houses.


Fortunately, nobody was hurt in the storm which did not cause any major damage to buildings, he added.


Pinamar mayor Martin Yeza used local radio and social media to warn local residents and tourists to stay in their homes and hotels while the storm lasted.


The storm also knocked down scores of trees and brought down electricity lines, temporarily cutting off power to several neighbourhoods.


A Civil Defence spokesman said: "Trees and wires collapsed, and there was flooding in some streets, but everything was under control by police and firefighters."


Other local tourist resorts, including Mar del Plata, Valeria del Mar and Villa Gesell, were also affected by the storm that hit the Atlantic coast.


In Valeria del Mar, one man was taken to hospital after he was blown from the roof of his house while trying to repair damage caused by the winds. His life is not said to be in danger.


And a family had to be evacuated from Mar del Plata, the largest and busiest city on the coast, after the roof was blown off their house.

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Author: Martina Salas

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