This is the incredible moment that the entire roof of a building was blown off by gale force winds.


The extreme conditions in the city of Novosibirsk in south-central Russia's Novosibirsk Oblast region, also left thousands of people without electricity.


An eyewitness with a smartphone managed to capture the damage to the roof of a large two-storey maintenance building in the city.


The footage, which is proving popular on video-sharing websites, shows a man walking towards the building when he suddenly stops in his tracks at the sight of the entire roof lifting off, like a table cloth.


Some viewers criticised the cameraman for concentrating on filming the incident instead of doing anything to help people inside the building.


Netizen ‘Lesha Kikesh’ said: "Why film it instead of calling the emergency services? It is a lot better and smarter to waste time and film it. These people make me sick."


And ‘User-PC’ added: "What an awful mentality, people might have needed help."


In another incident, a woman, named only as Elena, was injured when a flying sheet of metal was blown from an advertising hoarding.


Elena said it could have been much worse, adding: "Thank God that it hit me on the legs and not on the head."


The storms left the Maslyaninsky, Iskitim and Cherepanovsky districts of the city completely without power, affecting 36,660 residents, five hospitals, 14 schools and six nursery schools.


Hundreds of homes in surrounding villages were also left without power because of the storms.


Local authorities said that the power shortages would only be temporary and promised to do their best to resume normal power support as quickly as possible.


Local weather experts reported that wind speeds had reached up to 20 metres (66 feet) per second.


The weather was caused by a cold atmospheric front which brought snow and rain, as well as strong winds, to the region.

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