An ambitious company has developed a flying motorbike reminiscent of the speeder bikes that featured in the Star Wars movies.


Hoversurf Inc unveiled its Scorpion 3 flying machine with a demonstration inside a hangar in the Russian capital city of Moscow.


It combines a motorcycle seat with quadcopter drone technology and aims to bring speed, agility and stability to both amateur and professional navigators.


The electric-powered prototype can carry up to 120 kilogrammes (18 stone 12 pounds) and accelerate to speeds of up to 50 kph (31 mph) and fly for around 30 minutes.


A video of the prototype shows it being flown around the hangar by a pilot wearing a crash helmet and a padded safety suit.


He straddles the seat before firing up the four rotors which control its flight and takes off into the air, guiding the aircraft a short distance before gently lowering it to the ground again.


Hoversurf Inc say they plan to develop the Scorpion 3 for extreme sports enthusiasts and it is expected to go on sale for around 54,000 USD (43,200 GBP).


It started out as a crowdfunding project but is seen by its creators as the next step in accessible amateur flying to inspire athletes, engineers, scientists and inventors around the world.


As the green machine does not burn fuel, it does not pollute the environment. Pilots have only to recharge or replace the battery and it is good to fly again.


Speeder bikes were first seen in Star Wars Episode VI: The Return of the Jedi and later appeared in Episode I The Phantom Menace and Episode II Attack of the Clones, as well as the Clone Wars spin-off film and TV series.

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Author: David Rogers