The Terminator famously promised 'I'll be back' - and thanks to the latest 3D printing technology donated by Google and a clever software engineer, a moving and talking prototype is in the works.


Russian software specialist Alexander Osipovich created a copy of the Terminator T800 with his 3D printer that can speak and move.


Alexander, from the city of Perm, said he was inspired to build the 3D model after being spellbound by the Terminator films.


The Terminator from Perm is able to move and speak with his creator thanks to some clever programming, some of which is displayed in the footage.


"John Henry, can you hear me," asks the software specialist. "Yes, stranger, I can hear and understand you. I was created by the genius Alexander Osipovich," replies the Terminator.


John Henry is the name given to one of the killer cyborgs in the spinoff TV series, Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles, leading netizens to speculate that Osipovich is a massive Terminator buff.


Alexander started working on his project in 2009. In 2013 he wrote to Google, who offered to buy him a 3D printer and sent a detailed technical drawing of the robot.


The first task for Alexander was the plastic skeleton of the robot, then he installed gyro sensors and speech equipment to bring its voice to life.


Fans of the Terminator franchise thought they might have seen the last of the killing machines with 2015's Terminator Genisys.


But Schwarzenegger last year announced that a sixth Terminator film was on the way.


The 68-year-old former Governor of California was asked about the possibility of Terminator 6: "I am looking forward to it, absolutely," Schwarzenegger told host Richard Wilkins, without giving any further details on a plot or release date.


The film is yet to be confirmed by Terminator studio Paramount, although the internet is abuzz with rumours that James Cameron and Deadpool director Tim Miller are working on it.

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Author: David Rogers