Billowing black clouds left residents of a town in Peru alarmed that the end of the world was nigh.


Locals videoed the dark black sky and spoke of their fears that Judgment Day was upon them.


The weather phenomenon was spotted in the town of Chiclayo in Peru where locals got out their smartphones to record the gigantic black cloud.


One, named Manuel Cornejo, said: "Strange things are more to be seen in the sky, as the Bible shows. The day is coming" while another, named Rosemary begged: "Please Lord have mercy on us."


The footage was posted online and has since gone viral, showing a light grey cloud which then gets darker and darker as the cameraman pans around the sky.


A thick black cloud then comes into view and takes over the entire screen.


Many parts of Peru have been affected by heavy floods due to rainfall and strong winds.


After the clouds were filmed, the area reportedly had 11 hours of rain.


Meteorologists say the phenomenon is very common, the cloud formations are named cumulonimbus and come from high altitudes.

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