A flagship Moscow dance school said to be the pet project of President Putin's youngest daughter is to be overseen by the son of a top Kremlin official.


Roman Zolotov, the son of Putin's former bodyguard Victor Zolotov, has been named Deputy Head of Moscow's Department of Sport and Tourism.


One of Roman Zolotov's tasks in his new role will be to oversee the building of a multi-billion rouble dance complex dedicated to acrobatic rock'n'roll in Moscow.


The largely unknown sport has been championed by Katerina Tikhonova, 30, who is President Putin's youngest daughter.


As well as competing on the international stage, Tikhonova is also a vice-president of the World Rock'n'Roll Confederation (WRRC).


Videos which have been uploaded online of her dancing show her performing spectacular acrobatic routines with male partner Dmitry Alekseev.


The new 1.3-hectare complex in Moscow will be the first centre of its kind dedicated to the sport.


The project, complete with gymnasium, trampoline hall, swimming pool and competition space, will cost Russian taxpayers an estimated 528 million RUB (7.3 million GBP).


Putin is fiercely protective of his two daughters and has long refused to discuss matters related to his family with the press.


This has included claims that Katerina and her partner Kirill Shamalov have corporate holdings worth around 1.6 billion GBP.


Most of the couple's fortune is said to stem from a large stake in an energy company acquired from long-time Putin ally, Gennady Timchenko.


Putin has a second daughter, Mariya Putina, 31, who reportedly lives in Moscow.


Zolotov's father is now the head of Russia's new National Guard which critics have dubbed Putin's private army.