From soulfully singing "Amazing Grace" to dropping the mic at his last White House Correspondents' dinner, these are Obama's best speech moments

John F. Kennedy had his fair share of glib rejoinders, and George W. Bush had his infamous verbal malapropisms, but few occupants in the White House have been praised for their comedic timing and skill as consistently as Barack Obama.

Even many of his harshest critics would likely agree that his acerbic annual White House Correspondents' Dinner monologues are must-see TV. And in this age of viral videos and unconventional new modes of communication, Obama has mastered the art of using humor to humanize himself and advance his agenda.

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Author: John Doe

He is a British journalist and best-selling author from Maidstone, Kent, who has been based in Beirut as the Middle East correspondent for The Independent for over 20 years.