Passersby crowded around a policeman who was trapped in a mangled jeep for one hour after a crash - but only to take pictures and videos, not to help him.


One of the videos emerged online and it shows a horrifying scene in Mysuru, in India’s south-western state of Karnataka.


In the clip, a man bizarrely throws some papers into the back seat of a badly mangled jeep, an action that is not explained in the footage.


The cameraman then goes around to the front of the vehicle where, despite some pixilation, a badly injured man can be seen, bleeding heavily.


He is trapped in sheets of twisted metal where the jeep has been torn apart by the impact.


He was later identified as 38-year-old Inspector Mahesh Kumar, and he later died of head injuries in hospital. He was reportedly trapped in the vehicle for an hour before help arrived, after a crash with a state-run bus.


First aid would greatly have increased his chances of survival but despite there being a crowd of witnesses, no one seems to offer any help.


Mr Kumar was travelling in a police jeep driven by a Constable Lakshman that collided head-on with a bus. Constable Lakshman was killed instantly.


It was not reported whether there were any injuries among the bus’ occupants.

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Author: Gabriel Zamfir