A family were shocked to find a giant python by their kitchen door and looking for its next meal.


Children raised the alarm after noticing the 17 foot snake slithering over their doorstep.


The snake was trying to enter the house so it could attack livestock which were kept on the other side of the property, it is believed.


A snake wrangler was called to the house in the village of Estageni near Ladysmith in the Uthukela District of KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa.


A video shows animal expert Fanie Cilliers as he removes the snake, which was coiled around an old stove by the kitchen door.


He makes short work of the snake, grabbing the giant reptile with a special hook, before holding it towards the camera with its mouth open.


Fanie and his wife then posed for a photo with the family and the giant snake - it took all eight of them to support the uncoiled length of the massive python.


The snake was later released into the wild at a game reserve far away from people.


Snakes are increasingly being seen searching for food near homes and farms in the area, because of over hunting of their natural prey.


Residents have had to take improved steps to protect their livestock from the reptiles.


A massive python recently gave a nine-year-old boy a fright after attempting to attack him in long grass near his home – the youngster had to climb a tree to escape.


Although pythons are not venomous, their powerful bites can cause heavy bleeding and muscle damage.