A presidential candidate’s live TV Interview was interrupted when a man behind him lost consciousness and slumped to the floor.


Serbia’s current Prime Minister Aleksandar Vucic, 47, was speaking on the "Cyrillic" programme on Happy TV in a studio full of audience members.


As Vucic is talking, a young man behind him can be seen looking ill, then lurching forwards in his seat.


There is an audible thump as he hits the floor.


Vucic is among the people present who rush to help the man, offering him some water.


He says: "Easy, easy. It is all right."


A concerned Vucic asks for the broadcast to be stopped.


Shortly afterwards the ill man is escorted from the studio, to a round of applause.


The presidential candidate says: "My security is watching in case something happens to me, it is good they are here."


Some cynics wrote online that the situation had been set up in order to make Vucic look good ahead of the presidential vote.


Netizen ‘Nenad’ said: "Probably the brain of the young man could not take all the nonsense that he was hearing."


‘Riznicar’ said: "I can’t believe what a set up this is. And some people are still buying this?"


And ‘Tayson’ said: "No wonder the young man felt sick! Half of Serbian people are fainting when he speaks."


Serbia’s presidential election will be held on Sunday.

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Author: Diona Martin

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