A would-be Eurovision Song Contest star has become a worldwide hit despite being rejected by his national selection panel.


Hopeful Dorel Giurgiu stunned Romanian selectors into silence with his bizarre performance of a song titled 'Be Strong'.


Guirgiu - a devout Christian - had made it through to the final 72 in the selection process to choose Romania's entry for 2017 in Kiev.


During the show on national Romanian TV, Guirgiu shuffled awkwardly in what must have been the ultimate display of dad dancing.


As the judging panel squirmed uncomfortably in their seats, Guirgiu hopped, span and twirled around the stage.


When he finally sang - 39 seconds into the tune - the English lyrics were so mumbled they were barely decipherable.


One line - the only one delivered at full volume and out of tune - went: "Don't forget the God."


But despite his epic failure, Guirgiu could end up having the last laugh.


His performance has been seen be nearly 300,000 viewers on one video-sharing platform alone.


One watcher - identified as 'Dragos Z' - said: "Best song in the history of Eurovision!!!"


Another - 'Ventus277' - added: "Bucuresti 2018 for sure!'


And a third said: "I love this song! it's so catchy and addictive. I listen to it everyday on my phone since I've found it! Good luck! 12 points from Poland !!!!!!!!!!"


Guirgiu is even starting to get a cult international following.


In Spain, media commentators have likened his song to Michael Jackson's hit 'Heal the World' and other say he sounds like early Depeche Mode from the 1980s.

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Author: Gabriel Zamfir