Geologists have released beautiful footage of a volcano’s eruptions over the past year.


Turrialba Volcano in central Costa Rica was filmed by the Volcanology and Seismology Observatory.


The observatory’s film shows various eruptions, some of lava, some of ash, and some featuring impressive sound effects.


Geologists who have studied the film and the ejected material say the volcano’s activity is increasing, with more magma being produced.


An observatory spokesman said: "In this video are seen different types of eruptions that the Turrialba volcano is undergoing a transition to other eruptions with an increase in magmatic components coming out."


The video shows pyroclastic flows in 2016, ash emissions in September 2016, magma-heavy ejecta from November and finally the most recent eruption this month.


The most recent eruption was what geologists call a "strombolian" one, with a greater quantity of basaltic material indicating that the ejecta is of younger rock.


The video also shows the bottom of the crater and the noise from the volcano, as well as thermal camera images.


Netizen ‘Martha Nunez’ wrote: "Excellent! I loved that video of how the volcano is increasing its activity."


‘Sylvia Araya Corrales’ said: "What beautiful images, you can clearly see how the volcano moves."


In the past few days the volcano has been quiet, producing only some gases and ash columns no more than 500 metres high.

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