The chef famous as the face of the 'Salt Bae' memes on social media has posted another video of him dancing, which has quickly gone viral racking up millions of views in just a day.


Turkish chef Nusret Gokce has delighted internet users with his way of sprinkling salt on food and has become the face of a number of jokey memes over the past month.


And now he has posted another video of him dancing as he prepares a slab of meat, before doing his famous salt-sprinkling move.


He shakes his hips and theatrically dances around the gammon joint, slathering it with oil and rubbing it seductively while looking at the camera.


The video racked up 4 million views in a day and delighted internet users who are obsessed with the way the chef seasons his food.


One netizen, 'dzhina_babies', said: "Oh boy, this guy has some real moves" while another, named 'ruditoledo' added: "Hahahaha, this is one of the best advertisements I have ever seen in my life. This dude knows how to attract his customers."


Gokce, who runs his steakhouse Nusr-Et from Turkey and also owns chains in Istanbul and Abu Dhabi, became an internet sensation at the beginning of January when a video posted to social media showed him preparing a steak meal, finishing it off with a rather weird way of sprinkling salt.


After it was picked up on other platforms and went viral, the Turkish chef quickly gained a loyal following and now has 3.5 million fans watching his every move online.


Celebrities have even jumped on the bandwagon, with US singer Bruno Mars impersonating the 33-year-old chef and Oscar winner Leo DiCaprio attending the restaurant to see the salt sprinkling in person.

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