A beautiful criminologist has released a video showing the two halves of her life as hardened professional and loving mother.


Yulia Dmitrienko, 33, is a criminal law expert in the city of Novosibirsk in south central Russia's Novosibirsk Oblast.


The video shows Yulia’s everyday working life, where she has to dust for fingerprints, shoot a rifle and do physical training.


It is intercut with scenes from her personal life, showing her playing an accordion in the woods and looking after her son.


The idea of the video, which earned her second place in a "Ladies In Uniform" competition was to show two different sides of her life live in harmony.


Yulia said that working as a criminologist required her to be strong-willed and tough, but on the other hand a woman should not lose femininity outside work.


She said of her second place in the Ladies In Uniform contest: "It does not matter that I did not win the competition. Second place is also good and I got a prize.


"The most important hobby in my life is my child. I take him to the gym with me. I also love music, play the piano and accordion and sometimes I take dancing classes."


Youth liaison officer Valentina Kondrina was the lady in uniform who beat Yulia to the title.

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Author: David Rogers