Two girls and a teenage boy accused of torturing more than 15 defenceless animals have admitted their sick crimes after horrific footage shocked the world.


Alyona Savchenko, 19, and her friend Alina Orlova, 20, provoked outrage in Russia after posting photographs and videos of themselves online horrifically mistreating animals.


The horrific images show one dog nailed to a wall as if it had been crucified and another hanging by its collar and then shot with an airgun.


Other animals are seen dead - including one which the girls cut open to pull out its internal organs.


Police became involved after animal lovers reacted with outrage to the graphic images that were posted on social media.


Local residents started a petition calling on the authorities to do something about the teenage torturers.


Both of the callous girls are students and live in the city of Khabarovsk in south-eastern Russia’s Khabarovsk Krai region.


They said they had been adopting unwanted animals which they had promised to look after but instead they had tortured and killed them, posting the gruesome photographic evidence online.


Orlova is seen clutching a cute puppy with her mouth open wide as if she is about to bite it, and another image shows Kristina menacingly holding a hammer and a nail.


Savchenko also admitted luring a man to an abandoned hospital after he contacted her online asking for sex.


But she said that she and her friends ambushed him, surrounding him and beating him up as soon as he stepped inside the building.


She claimed that she and her friends held the man captive at the disused hospital for a few days, adding: "What could this guy do to me, when he couldn’t even leave?


"The last time I clasped him to a metal fence. First I threatened him with knife, and then I f***ed him up a little bit. Nothing serious," she said.


Savchenko, who said the incident with the man happened in April this year, described herself as a "psychopath" who had a "need for torture", local media reports.


The teenager said that she stabbed the man which was why he had been unable to fight back against his captors, and that they only let him go free after he promised not to go to the police.


However, police tracked down the man who confirmed Savchenko's story and showed officers the scar from his knife wound.


It was also revealed that the pair was accompanied by a young man, 18, who frequently filmed the torture of the animals.


Russians have been calling for Savchenko and Orlova to be jailed for their reign of terror against cats and dogs and these latest revelations will only increase the tide of hate against them.


The three torturers have been jailed since December and have admitted the crime, according to reports.


The court is supposed to sentence all three on 19th March.

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