A Muslim student has provoked outrage with a goose-stepping Adolf Hitler stunt at a pro-Palestinian demo.


The protest - held at Wits University in Johannesburg, South Africa - was supposed to be a peaceful demonstration in support of Palestine's struggle with Israel.


But one demonstrator infuriated Jewish students with his bizarre impression of the German dictator who sent more than six million Jews to the Nazi death camps in World War II.


As laughing friends look on, he breaks into the high kicking goose-step march used by the Third Reich's armies.


Then to make sure everyone got his point, he taunted Jewish students by holding one arm up in a Heil Hitler salute.


Meanwhile, he used his index finger on the other hand held under his nose to represent Hitler's toothbrush moustache.


Smartphone footage of the stunt - held during #IsraelApartheidWeek - spread rapidly through social media.


One pro-Israeli group, Spotlight‚ said the clip exposed the true nature of oranisers BDS, a self-declared peaceful Palestinian supporting protest group.


Spotlight declared: "BDS not anti-Semitic‚ not spreading hatred of Jews? Watch the results of #IAW and #BDSsouthafrica activity on #Wits campus and decide for yourself".


They added that it was posting the clip "because this is the direct product of all that so-called 'anti Zionism' flying under a banner of 'human rights'."


The group went on: "Ignoring it doesn't make it go away.


"Take one moment to consider the feelings of Jewish campus students."


One netizen, 'Tracey Cohen', said: "He is very silly and probably completely uneducated. He needs to be actually shown the truth."


Another, 'Cindy Moritz' added: "Take him to the Holocaust and Genocide centre and wipe that silly grin off his face with education."


Jewish-Palestinian hostility exploded last year over graffiti declaring "F**k the Jews" appearing on the college campus.


And in 2013‚ protesters linked to BDS sang "Dubula e Juda" - "Shoot the Jew".

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Author: Gabriel Zamfir