Vigilantes lured a suspected paedophile to a date with a fictional 14-year-old then stuck him to a road sign with clingfilm.


The activists allege that Sergey Skakun, 22, from the city of Zaporizhia in south-eastern Ukraine's Zaporizhia Oblast region, had been in online correspondence with "Diana", 14, for a while.


It is reported that the man had been sending the teenager photos showing his private parts, asking her to do the same in return.


Skakun said he did not want to share Diana with other people and sent her examples of the type of sexually graphic photos that he expected from her.


The man then arranged to meet the girl for a date, and arrived with a rose for her.


But there was no "Diana", just a group of anti-paedophile vigilantes who tied him to a road sign with food wrap.


The activists said the man claimed to be 22 at one point but also claimed to be other ages, indicating he was lying to make himself seem more attractive to the fictional 14-year-old.


At the end of the video Skakun admits that he is tied to a road sign because he is a pervert and that he does not blame the people who restrained him for what they did.


Netizen ‘Masha’ commented on the video: "I think they were too kind. They could have punched him. I think after a while he will continue doing what he used to do before."


And ‘Vika Katz’ added: "If I were the government I would issue a law that would make all paedos shiver."