This is the dramatic moment emergency services saved the lives of eight fishermen who were left stranded when their boat caught fire.


The eight fishermen were aboard their boat named O Busi when disaster struck.


The group were 12 miles out on the coast of Cedeira, in the northern Spanish province of A Coruna, when the vessel caught fire, leaving them stranded at sea.


They put out an emergency call and were rescued by a group of Marine rescuers using a helicopter.


It is believed the blaze broke out because of a problem in the engine room but investigations are ongoing.


The fishermen abandoned the sinking ship and stayed afloat using emergency boats while they waited for their rescuers.


There were not believed to be any serious injuries but the captain and owner of the boat, named as Alejandro Torres, had to be taken to hospital after inhaling too much smoke.


The other sailors did not need medical attention and were transferred to the coast.


Other ships attempted to help, but were quickly assured that everything was under control.


The captain of another boat, El Sarridal, named as Lucia Mayor, was one who was willing to come to the rescue.


She said: "It was very scary, but the crew is fine and safe."