A music-loving farmer is rocking the countryside after customising his tractor by fitting a massive speaker system.


Murat Karlioglu, 30, who farms at the village of Hamidiye in the Nazili district of south-western Turkey's Aydin Province, is passionate about music.


So he has spent a whopping 7,000 TRY (1,565 GBP) on installing huge speakers on his tractor so he can enjoy his favourite tunes at work.


Now he and his faithful terrier dog Jessie who always rides on his tractor with him, turn heads wherever they go.


Mr Katrlioglu said: "I love loud music! People know we're coming from a kilometre away!"


He said that he initially installed an ordinary sound system in his tractor but struggled to hear it above the noise of the vehicle.


So he decided to build his own system featuring an incredible 15 different speakers of all shape and sizes.


Mr Katrlioglu says he now looks forward to going out to work in the fields knowing that he can blast out his favourite music all day.


And he insists that Jessie enjoys it as much as he does - pointing out that she is always eager to join him on the tractor.


Mr Katrlioglu admitted that his neighbours were not too sure at first - but says they too have begun to enjoy his music.


He says he brings happiness to the village and says that he and his tractor have even been invited to provide the music for wedding parties


One neighbour, who did not want to be named, said: "Murat has a very colourful personality.


"We have got used to him passing every morning blasting out very loud music and we have grown to like it. He plays the songs we like.


"Even our animals accompany his music by making sounds when he passes through the streets of the neighbourhood."